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Cellebrite: Digital Intelligence for a Safer World

Digital data plays an increasingly important role in investigations and operations of all kinds, and making data accessible, collaborative and actionable is what Cellebrite does best. As the global leader in digital intelligence with more than 60,000 licenses deployed in 150 countries, we provide law enforcement, military and intelligence, and enterprise customers with the most complete, industry-proven range of solutions for digital forensics, triage and analytics. By enabling access, sharing and analysis of digital data from mobile devices, social media, cloud, computer and other sources, Cellebrite products, solutions, services and training help customers build the strongest cases quickly, even in the most complex situations. Cellebrite: providing digital intelligence for a safer world.

Be Safe. Be Smart. Be Vigilant

Vigilant Solutions’ technology helps law enforcement solve crimes faster to keep officers and communities safe. A leader in image analytics for the public safety market internationally, Vigilant provides license plate recognition (LPR), facial recognition and ballistic analysis to deliver intelligence to agencies across the globe. Built for agencies of all sizes, Vigilant’s technology increases investigative efficiency, generates more leads, connects cases, and reduces crimes with advanced analytics, billions of nationwide commercial LPR detections, and a hosted facial recognition gallery. Bring criminals to justice with Vigilant Solutions. Visit

Gold Corporate Partners

Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Analytics for Law Enforcement

Crystal Blockchain Inc. is a leading provider of blockchain and cryptocurrency analytics for law enforcement, financial institutions, and cybersecurity firms. Crystal provides a comprehensive view of the public blockchain ecosystem and uses advanced analytics and data scraping to map suspicious transactions and related entities. Whether it is tracking a bitcoin transaction to a real-world entity, determining relationships between known criminal actors, or surveying suspicious behavior, Crystal moves investigations forward. Crystal is a subsidiary of The Bitfury Group, the world’s leading full-service blockchain technology company and one of the largest private infrastructure providers in the blockchain ecosystem. Bitfury develops and delivers both the software and the hardware solutions necessary for businesses, governments, organizations and individuals to securely move an asset across the blockchain. As a subsidiary of Bitfury, Crystal Blockchain Inc. brings Bitfury’s expertise and world-class analytics solutions to the US market.

Built for you. Inspired by you.

FirstNet — the network, devices, applications, and technologies — is a dedicated communications tool created for and by public safety. Together with first responders, we are committed to advancing public safety, making their communications easier, faster and more direct. So, first responders can focus on what’s important: working together to save lives.

TransUnion's TLOxp offers the most powerful online database of public and proprietary records available providing connections between people, businesses, assets, and locations.

The search and reporting capabilities in TLOxp are astonishing, unparalleled in the investigative marketplace. With unique data being added daily such as License Plate Recognition and Social Media, TLOxp is exploding with new features and functionality tailored to the LEO community. Nearly 100,000 officers across the country are already using TLOxp.

TriTech revolutionized the public safety industry by becoming one of the first vendors to embed mapping technology into computer-aided dispatch software and to develop one of the most sophisticated recommendation algorithms.

Today, TriTech leads the way as the undisputed leader with software that covers every facet within the incident-response workflow, including 9-1-1, computer-aided dispatch, field-based reporting, records management, jail management, analytics and intelligence, patient care reporting, and ambulance billing software. Providing customers with unmatched satisfaction levels and delivering innovative solutions has made TriTech the most trusted partner in public safety software.

Watch Systems provides OffenderWatch. The nation's leading sex offender management and notification network solution

OffenderWatch is used by thousands of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies nationwide. OffenderWatch is a sex offender, registration, management and community notification tool. It is designed as a compliance tool that facilitates the sharing of offender records between multiple jurisdictions, as well as being a communications vehicle connecting all law enforcement users on the network. OffenderWatch clients manage over 430,000 registered sex offenders, or approximately 58% of the nation's registered sex offender population. To support our clients, Watch Systems is unique to the industry, in that, we work as consultants, having created user group forums and a national advisory board of the best users across the country. Watch Systems is constantly improving our products and services, and is regularly upgrading OffenderWatch with new features that reflect the needs of our national board, our user groups, as well as any legislative changes affecting sex offender management. Visit us at

Silver Corporate Partners

For 10 years, Amazon Web Services has been the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. AWS offers over 70 fully featured services for compute, storage, databases, analytics, mobile, Internet of Things and enterprise applications.

Amazon Web Services is dedicated to building programs and services suitable for use by the Justice and Public Safety community. Whether in law enforcement, emergency management, corrections or courts, AWS has the capability and resources to address this community's unique IT needs and AWS complies with the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) standard. From body-worn camera solutions to architecting a CJIS secure environment, AWS can help you tackle public safety data needs at every stage of the journey to the cloud. By combining the secure and flexible AWS infrastructure with the breadth of our specialized partner solutions, we are confident we can help our customers across the industry succeed in their missions.

ANDE is on a mission to create a safer world through Rapid DNA

DNA is the gold standard for identification, but it can take weeks or months to get results. Until now. ANDE is the global leader in Rapid DNA, able to make a human identification in less than two hours, allowing law enforcement to get the right answers, right away. With ANDE's Rapid DNA technology, criminals will be caught before they can commit the same crime again. By reducing crime, exonerating the innocent, catching perpetrators of sexual assault, and reuniting families, ANDE is carrying out its mission to make the world safer, one DNA identification at a time.

Helping Organizations See Information Beyond Their Data

cBEYONData is a purpose-built professional service company that specializes in supporting mission-driven agencies and organizations with the enhancement and automation of business processes. cBEYONData experts provide cloud migrations, business intelligence, data management, data analytics, agile project and process management, dashboards, and geomapping. We bring rapid deployment of specific financial management reporting and compliance solutions to agencies and organization for the CFO Offices. We recently, partnered with Cardinal Peak Technologies and we are one of their primary Channel Partners and Integrators of all CaseCracker Interview Systems.

CODY Systems provides real-time solutions for cross-domain and cross-system data aggregation, sharing, and exchange as well as industry-leading RMS/CMS solutions for public-safety investigative use.

Through, CODY's vendor-agnostic, real-time, data source aggregator, exchange, and sharing platform, organizations, agencies or groups of agencies are able to harness their data sources and focus them for meeting today's challenges involving big data. Whether it is consortiums of law enforcement agencies with many isolated RMS databases, a fusion center needing to integrate data sources for one-stop search, or a real-time crime center, forms the future-proofed foundation for an organization or consortium's data integration infrastructure, enabling one-stop, comprehensive search for information on subjects and entities in an intuitive, coherent, and organized way from across any number of sources.

Esri applies The Science of Where to unlock data’s full potential in every organization

We continue to pioneer real-world problem solving using geographic information systems (GIS). Our mapping and analytics connect everyone, everywhere through a common visual language that inspires positive change in industry and society. Using this powerful platform to reveal deeper insights in their data, Esri users are creating the maps that run the world.

Serving With Distinction Since 1842

Fechheimer Brothers Company, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a global leader in the design and manufacture of uniform and lifestyle apparel and gear. Operating under the two primary brands Flying Cross® and Vertx®, Fechheimer serves the military, postal, transportation, law enforcement, industrial and outdoor markets. Flying Cross is a premier uniform manufacturer and is one of the industry’s most trusted brands, priding itself in design innovation and fit, high performance fabric development, and handcrafted attention-to-detail. Vertx is a leading manufacturer of tactical and outdoor apparel and gear, focusing on low-profile designs, superior fit and functionality for every day applications. Visit

The Network for Law Enforcement

Forensic Logic COPLINK powers the largest, most powerful network of law enforcement information in America. We offer an advanced array of search and investigative tools to provide our customers the information they need to better protect themselves and the communities they serve.

Forfeiture Support Associates (FSA)

Forfeiture Support Associates (FSA), LLC, a recognized industry-leading services provider for law enforcement agencies provides professional, financial and legal support to the Department of Justice's (DOJ) Asset Forfeiture Program. FSA offers 36 labor categories ranging in specialization from clerical to financial analysis, as well as, litigation support. FSA specializes in "Follow the Money" assistance and offers most of these categories through GSA Law Enforcement Schedule 84 which enables State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies the opportunity to acquire this same assistance.

A proven solution, deployed by the US federal government and local law enforcement, with a success record of helping resolve over thousands of violent crimes to date.

Gladiator ESPA is the industry's only crime investigation platform for analyzing and Geo-locating live and historical telecom data with an integrated Cellular and Wi-Fi network-survey gear. Patented "network-DNA" algorithm for refuting false alibis, providing more specific empirical evidence for the courts regarding the proximity of a subject to a geographic area of interest. Sole sourced by the Federal, State, and Local government. Visit us at

IDEMIA is the global leader in trusted identities for an increasingly digital world.

We provide biometric identity and security solutions to a broad array of markets, including law enforcement, border management, government services, and commercial enterprise. We have designed and deployed comprehensive biometric solutions for more than 450 government agencies located in over 100 countries, and serve over 1,000 federal, state and local government agencies. We are the #1 provider of PIV cards to the federal government, and our electronic identification (eID) and mobile driver’s license (mDL) solutions allow employers, vendors, and government organizations to verify that individuals are who they claim to be.

IntegenX Inc. provides forensic DNA capabilities for the 21st century investigation

DNA is indisputably the world's most powerful biometric. However, its investigative utility has been hampered by long turnaround times. IntegenX Rapid DNA technology does for DNA testing what digital fingerprint scanners did for fingerprints. Rather than waiting weeks to know if a suspect or arrestee can be linked to any unsolved crimes, agencies equipped with Rapid DNA will be able to generate DNA profiles within hours, before the suspect is released on bail. IntegenX's platforms have been developed for compatibility with gold-standard DNA databases such as CODIS and NDNAD. This, combined with superior networkability, gives forensic labs and law enforcement agencies the opportunity to use DNA more effectively in today's dynamic, rapidly-evolving investigations.

Leica Geosystems provides forensic 3D laser scanners for documenting crime scenes

The ScanStation by Leica Geosystems is the world's most popular forensic 3D laser scanner for documenting crime scenes in rich, vivid 3D. Millions of survey-accurate measurements can be captured in just two minutes. The resulting data allows you to virtually place a jury into a crime scene, make any measurement, reconstruct a witness viewpoint or conclusively determine where a gunshot originated from through the laser scanning of ballistic trajectory rods. Daubert tested, NIST traceable and ISO17025 friendly, the Leica ScanStation is the choice of leading law enforcement agencies. Visit

LexisNexis Risk Solutions delivers solutions to help and protect those who protect and serve

Law enforcement agencies trust LexisNexis Risk Solutions for superior data, linking capabilities and analytics that help officials make more accurate, timely and informed decisions and enhance investigations. Combining cutting-edge technology, proprietary data and advanced analytics, LexisNexis Risk Solutions provides products and services that address evolving agency needs while upholding the highest standards of security and privacy. LexisNexis Risk is part of RELX Group plc, a world-leading provider of information solutions for professional customers across industries.

Delivering the most comprehensive and integrated investigation platforms.

Magnet Forensics is a global leader in the development of digital investigation software that acquires, analyzes and shares evidence from computers, smartphones, tablets and IoT related devices. Magnet Forensics has been helping law enforcement fight crime, protect assets and guard national security since 2009. Magnet Forensics has become a trusted partner for thousands of the world’s top law enforcement, government, military and corporate organizations in over 92 countries. Court-admissible evidence recovered by Magnet Forensics tools has been used to support a wide-variety of investigations including cybercrimes, child exploitation, terrorism, human resource disputes, fraud, and intellectual property theft.

Matrix is a leading provider of web-based case management software for the justice system and enables law enforcement, prosecutors, courts and jails to work better and better together.

Matrix solutions automate key parts of your workflow while connecting your people with the information they need to provide better justice, accelerate the legal process and reduce waste. MatrixInvestigator is a web-based case management solution designed specifically for law enforcement agencies to help you run seamless, more efficient investigations and is used by Bureaus of Criminal Investigation, Police Agencies and Drug Task Forces. Either hosted in your data center or hosted by Matrix, MatrixInvestigator helps you make better management decisions, provides detailed analytics and reporting and allows for configurable workflows for managing approvals throughout the investigation process. Designed with an intuitive interface, key features also include Federal, State and management reporting; integrated electronic file storage (video, audio and documents); evidence and property tracking; and a web portal for document sharing. Visit us at to learn more about MatrixInvestigator and its integration with all our justice solutions.

Micro Systemation (MSAB) is the global leader in forensic technology for mobile device examination.

Involved with mobile communications since 1984, MSAB is now singularly focused on the forensic recovery of data from mobile devices. Law enforcement, military, and federal agencies in more than 90 countries use our XRY digital forensics evidence extraction software and XAMN link analysis tools to investigate crime and gather intelligence. The MSAB portfolio supports backlog reduction and evidence processing efficiencies by enabling simultaneous evidence extraction from multiple mobile devices and detailed analysis of extracted data both at crime scenes and in lab environments.

Numerica delivers mission-critical insights to law enforcement, intelligence, and security professionals

Numerica’s suite of integrated law enforcement software solutions (Lumen, RDW, CJISvault, & PROact) gives users the ability to make sense of and more easily use data across virtually any disparate information systems. Whether there is a need for better information search, analytics, data sharing, or digital media management, agencies use our tools at all levels to put information into the hands of those that need it most in their mission to enhance public safety.

NarcX is the only DEA and CFR compliant liquid-solution in the United States for the on-site destruction of all controlled substances

RxDisposal ( is the first and only on-site method of destruction in the United States for disposal of all controlled and non-controlled substances. RxDisposal’s patent pending (NarcX) is the only liquid solution that is DEA compliant and in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations. NarcX enables law enforcement laboratories as well as all DEA Registrants (hospitals, pharmacies, doctor’s, etc.) and end-users (assisted living facilities, households, etc.) to dispose of their unwanted, used, and expired prescription drugs instantly, eliminating stockpiling, without having to transport for incineration. Furthermore, Law Enforcement can dispose of their schedule 1 narcotics such as methamphetamine and cocaine on-site as well.

SAS has been committed to developing software to support investigations, intelligence gathering and analysis for the law enforcement sector for 30 years.

Hundreds of law enforcement, commercial, and intelligence organizations rely on SAS technology to support and enhance their data management and investigational requirements. SAS continues to further its investment in this area most recently through its June 2010 acquisition of Memex, a world leader in law enforcement management solutions. Memex has a strong presence in the law enforcement markets that dates back more than 30 years. This has resulted in the development of the SAS Memex Platform, which is a common technology platform that is optimized for use within the law enforcement environment.

Collect, Extract, Fuse and Analyze! Text analytics fast and accurate

Sintelix is an integrated application for extracting and analyzing information in unstructured and structured data. Users can extract any information they need from any document set, and from websites, social media sites, chats and emails. Sintelix increases the accuracy and efficiency of intelligence analysts and excels in speed, capability, scalability, configurability and integration with other systems, including IBM i2. For Law Enforcement agencies who seek the most accurate, high speed processing of unstructured data, Sintelix provides a fully featured set of investigative tools for extracting and analyzing information from multi-terabyte datasets. It offers editable mark-up, network visualisation and community discovery in a single, integrated enterprise-level solution.

SpeakWrite is the leading provider of Secure, Off-Site, 24/7/365 Transcription Solutions

SpeakWrite provides transcription solutions that allow State Criminal Investigative Agencies to record witness interviews/statements, speak their narratives, take and integrate photos into those narratives, and submit any investigative reporting from the scene of an event or any location. Our secure network of US based typists transcribe your work - 24/7, 365 days a year - completed transcripts are delivered back in about 3-hours via email, allowing you to avoid backlog and save your Agency valuable resources, time and money. Our no contract, pay-as-you-go model enables you to utilize our services as needed and with the confidence that we can handle unlimited volumes of work during those rapid increases of caseload that you often experience without warning. SpeakWrite provides an all-inclusive, extended Free Pilot Program to interested Agencies, so that they may compare SpeakWrite to their personnel typing work or their current solution.

Fraud Prevention & Investigation Solutions from Thomson Reuters

For professionals seeking information about individuals and companies, Fraud Prevention and Investigation solutions from Thomson Reuters offer powerful public and proprietary records with tools for fast, immediately usable results. Visit us at

Your Partner for Investigative Data

Whooster is an Investigative Database and Software Platform providing Real-time Person and Phone Data using proprietary algorithms linking and matching billions of public, private and telephone record data sets. Whooster technology more accurately detects connections, links and relationships resulting in the return of higher quality information on your subjects. We deliver investigative data solution tools to law enforcement, government agencies and organizations alike who require real-time delivery of accurate data. Through SMS / Text Messaging, Web Based, Batching, Direct Connect and Integrated DaaS Solutions – our Whooster Data Fusion technology delivers the freshest, most reliable data needed for enforcement and regulatory concerns.

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