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In my years of public service in law enforcement I have seen time and again the importance of partnerships. I’m often asked the secret of the close working relationship we have in South Carolina among the more than 300 law enforcement agencies that serve our population. My answer is simple; we work together.

If you take a moment to review the mission statement on ASCIA’s homepage, you’ll find many of the same precepts we use in the Palmetto State. The sharing of ideas and innovations, fostering improved communications and cooperation along with collaboration are benchmarks we can all embrace. By doing so, we provide better service to those we are sworn to protect.

We have many challenges, within our individual agencies and as an organization. By using the principles outlined in ASCIA’s mission statement, I am confident of our continued success.
I am pleased to announce that Major Douglas J. Burig, director of the Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation, has accepted appointment to serve as Vice President of ASCIA. Major Burig brings over 23 years of service and leadership in a number of important capacities that benefit our organization. Doug has been an active member of ASCIA and I look forward to his continued contributions.

I thank you for the honor to serve as President of the Association of State Criminal Investigative Agencies. I look forward to seeing you at our fall conference.

Mark Keel
President, ASCIA

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2023 ASCIA Fall Conference - San Diego, CA
October 12, 2023 thru October 14, 2023

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